The Perła Brewery

Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A. is one of the largest regional beer producers in Poland, and the leading beer brand in the Lublin Region. The company consists of a modern production facility located at 106, Kunickiego Street, the headquarters of the company’s board is situated in the historic brewery at 15, Bernardyńska Street in Lublin, and there is another historic brewery in Zwierzyniec.

The history of the buildings complex situated at 15, Bernardyńska Street dates back to the 17th Century. At first, the site contained a palace complex, and then a monastery. In 1844, the buildings were purchased by a businessman, Karol Vetter. Having conducted the necessary adaptation work, he launched a distillery for vodka in 1845, and a brewery a year later. It was the first brewery in the Lublin Region to produce Bavarian-style beer. From that year until the beginning of 2000, with a short break in 1944, the facility in Bernardyńska Street conducted beer production.

In 2014, Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A. commenced a comprehensive renovation of its buildings and premises in Bernardyńska Street. The main purpose was to open the historic brewery to both the city and its residents. Currently, it is considered one of the most interesting public spaces in Lublin, being home to a large number of events and attractions that appeal not only to the residents of Lublin.

The green areas of the brewery provide an excellent location for numerous outdoor events, including the Kozienalia student culture days, the Brewery Night, the I love LBN event or the Lublin Beer Lovers’ Fairs. After sunset, from June to August, the courtyard features film shows as part of the Perła Cinema outdoor event. The Perła Brewery Underground, where people used to work and beer was once made, is also worth exploring by following a walking tour with thematic exhibits. Located on the neighbouring plot, at 15A, Bernardyńska Street, the Perłowa Beer House, with its summer "Perłowa Garden", is a place where diverse kinds of beer can be tasted, along with delicious dishes that combine the secrets of the traditional Polish cuisine with elements of modern culinary art. The Perła Brewery Apartments are located at a distance of few steps from the Perłowa Garden. Their stylish interiors are a perfect relaxation venue after a day full of excitement.

Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A.
15, Bernardyńska Street
20-950 Lublin