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Lublin is a truly inspiring and rapidly developing city with a rich multi-century history. For many years, given its geographical location at the junction of transport routes and national borders, the city has attracted people of different nationalities and religious beliefs. Remnants of its extraordinary history can still be admired, including the Holy Trinity Chapel, the Old Town, the Eastern Orthodox Church, Jesziwa Chachmej Lublin, and post-industrial buildings, including the Perła Brewery.

This is where over 700 years of history mix perfectly with modernity. The historic highlights, along with its multi-cultural heritage, are popularised through a wide range of festivals, events and exhibitions.

Lublin invites its visitors to a number of unique places, such as the Perła Brewery Underground, Dom Słów – the Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre Centre, the Piwnica pod Fortuną museum facility, the Lublin Castle, the Lublin Museum, the Museum of the Lublin Countryside, and places of remembrance − the Majdanek National Museum, to name but a few.

Cultural attractions in Lublin

events, festivals and meetings
April / May

Season Lublin

04/05 is a cycle of annual events opening the tourist season, held during the long weekend at the beginning of May.

13.05 - 17.05

CODES – The Festival of Traditional and Avant-Garde Music

The CODES festival is a unique encounter between the most prominent instrumentalists, representatives of avant-garde jazz, traditional musicians and artists inspired by old music traditions.


The Night of Museums in Lublin

The Night of Museums is an extraordinary night where museum exhibitions are open to the public free of charge, accompanied by a number of additional attractions offered to visitors. Each year an increasing number of museums and cultural institutions join the event.


The „City of Poetry” Literary Festival in Lublin

The event is organised by the "Grodzka Gate – NN Theatre" Centre jointly with the Institute of Polish Philology at the Catholic University of Lublin. It provides an inimitable opportunity to talk about poetry, and to launch various actions and initiatives aimed at its popularisation.

1st weekend in June

The Night of Culture − the Brewery Night

This unusual night features a variety of musical, artistic and theatre events which revive unknown or forgotten streets and places. For several hours, visitors can explore numerous museums, institutions and galleries free of charge, and also take part in several culture and art promotion events.

June − August

The Culture Bridge

Each year for three months the historic bridge over the Bystrzyca river becomes home to a myriad of artistic and social events, including concerts, exhibitions, film screenings, workshops and dances. The bridge is situated within a walking distance from the Perła Brewery Apartments

June − August

The Perła Cinema

The Perła Cinema shows take place in the historic buildings of the former Vetter's brewery. They are held in the summer months, from Wednesday to Sunday just after sunset, with different kinds of films being screened each day.


The „Open City” Art Festival in Public Spaces

The artists performing at the "Open City" festival transform the Lublin urban space by referring to its history, multi-cultural past, location at the eastern border of Poland and contemporary residents.


The Art’n’Music Festival

The Art'n'Music Festival comprises a cycle of concerts, exhibitions and artistic workshops, attended by both Polish and foreign musicians and artists, along with representatives of the cinema industry, media and science. The Festival is held in two partner cities − Lublin and Lviv.


The Magicians’ Carnival

The Magicians’ Carnival gives the spectators gathered in the urban space an opportunity to attend performances and workshops in the field of theatre and circus. It attracts a number of artists and circus art specialists from many angles of Europe. The name of the event refers to the Lublin Magician – a protagonist of a book by Isaac Bashevis Singer, a Nobel Prize winner.


The Jagiellonian Fair

The Jagiellonian Fair is an artistic and sales event that combines a presentation of handicraft and craftsmanship pieces of traditional artists, inter alia, from Poland, Ukraine and Belarus, with diverse cultural events. The current Fair relates to the former Lublin Fair which, at the turn of the 16th Century, was one of the most renowned international events. The Fair’s agenda features a Knight's competition, performances and concerts.


The European Festival of Taste

The European Festival of Taste is the largest culinary feast in the Lublin Region, presenting its multi-cultural character and culinary heritage. An unusual combination of concerts, exhibitions, vernissages, competitions and culinary workshops is what makes the Festival extremely attractive.


The „Theatre Confrontations” International Festival

As part of the Festival, the achievements of some of the most- interesting individuals and theatre groups are presented. The "Confrontations" are accompanied by a number of events, including the "Confrontations Cinema" screening cycle, the "Musical Confrontations at Night" concerts, exhibitions in "The Confrontations Gallery", and a series of meetings and debates with artists.


The International Dance Theatre Meetings

Organised for the first time in 1997, this event has become one of the most prominent dance art festivals, not only in Poland but also in the whole of Europe

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