The Perłowa Beer House

The Perłowa Beer House is a branded facility of Perła – Browary Lubelskie S.A, situated in the building that belongs to the former Vetter Brewery complex in Lublin. It features a thirty-metre-long bar, which is a friendly meeting place for everyone, along with a line of eight beer taps and a mirror ceiling that reflects an illuminated body of bottles and glassware.

The Perłowa Beer House draws on the rich beer-making history of the Lublin Region and disseminates the unique beer culture. It gives beer lovers a chance to explore the artistry of the Lublin and Zwierzyniec brewers. It sells specially-prepared kinds of beer, unavailable elsewhere, and serves as a premiere venue for new drinks, which are then marketed on a larger scale.

The cuisine served in the Perłowa Beer House promotes the Slow Food movement. It provides a unique opportunity to celebrate each meal and explore its genuine taste, accompanied by beer. Our chef presents the secrets of traditional Polish cuisine enhanced with elements of modern culinary art. We use top-quality natural products from local cheese-makers, fish farmers and meat suppliers, along with fruit and vegetables from ecological plantations. The sausages, mustards, bakery products and even ice-cream are made by our staff. Our menu changes along with the seasons of the year. From Friday to Sunday we serve street food, and the two major beer ingredients, i.e. water and malt, are offered free.

As well as beer, the Perłowa Beer House menu also features other alcoholic beverages, including wine from the Opole-based Solaris vineyard, the traditional Polish liqueurs based on Karol Majewski's recipe, and White Dog whisky from the Kozuba&Synowie distillery.

In the summer season, visitors may choose to sit in the Perłowa Garden, available in one of the courtyards of the gradually revitalised complex of the Vetter Brewery buildings in Lublin. With its stylishly-arranged area providing 65 seats, surrounded by plants, the Perłowa Garden is a real place of escape, where our guests can relax, try unique dishes and beer varieties, and − if they are lucky enough − watch to a live concert.

The Perłowa Beer House
15, Bernardyńska Street
20-950 Lublin